Adventures in WordPress Land

A new day, a new blogging set up problem. Yes, I do have a bluehost account and I can get to WordPress and have a dashboard, but what theme to choose??? The first time I opened it I chose Astra because it, well, because it was the first in the list. Not a very perfect way to pick a theme I think, so the next day I looked around the internet and tried to figure out which themes were popular and practical. Genesis came up a lot, but that costs money and I don’t feel like I should spend that money on my blog just yet, so I prefer a free theme. There were many sites about ‘the best 42 free themes’ and such, but they mostly helped me to feel more and more overwhelmed, not to decide which one would be good for me. I felt myself sinking into a deep dark hole of analysis paralysis.

Luckily I had just signed up for the facebook group connected to the Making sense of Cents so I asked the wise member of that group about their experiences. Someone came up with Colorlib which looked nice enough so instead of being paralysed I am going to try one or more of their themes and take it from there.

Wish me luck!