Frustrated with WordPress

Well, it all seemed so easy. “Everyone can do it”, they said. “It’s easy!”, they said. Turns out it was easy enough to get something going on my computer, but when I go to my domain it keeps saying “A New WordPress Site. Coming Soon.” and I can’t figure out how to get past that.

By the time you read this I must have figured it out, since otherwise you couldn’t read it. So, welcome to my blog!

Figuring out Blogging

This is mostly a test post, showing myself and anyone else what a post / blog on looks like when you just start and have no clue yet.
I have blogged on blogspot before, but stopped when I got more active on Facebook. Our Deer Baby at I miss my writing on there, facebook tends to be good for short posts with lots of pictures, but not as good for writing longer stories and observations.

I am ready to start writing an awesome blog about life, the universe and everything. As in family, friends, travel, travel hacking, birding, surfing (I am an optimist), geocaching, baking, and dealing with my recent MS diagnosis.

Bought a domain on Bluehost, now ready to figure out how to set up a blog here.