I had my VIPKID interview on Saturday and flunked it for no clear reason. I was nervous, but I had  practiced and think I hit most of the things they look for. Of course it could be my wicked accent, but I would like to know what the problem was. So I appealed to their Recruitment Team and asked for the detailed assessment of my interview.

When Tom did his interview, he got an extensive email, showing how many points he scored on each aspect that they are measuring.

  • Introduction and Class Pacing
  • Engaging Class and Interactivity
  • Attempted to the Lesson Objectives
  • Use of Tools
  • Speaking Speed and Language
  • TPR (Total Physical Response language teaching method)
  • Teacher Demonstration
  • Encourages full sentence output
  • Correct student’s mistakes

In addition they look at aspects like do you look presentable, how do the audio and mouse work, how is the lighting, are you visible at all times and what does your background look like.

Tom is busy preparing for his mock interview, so for now helping him to get that done, while I wait for the results of my appeal. I have heard you can re-apply under a different email, but not ready for that yet.

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