Becoming a One Car Family

We had been discussing ways to save money, and one of the obvious ways would be to become a one-car family. It saves on car maintenance, gas, insurance, registration fees, lots of money not spent. But as is often the case, we suffered from inertia and never really did anything about it.

One of our daughters helped us out by getting into a car accident due to pea soup dense fog. She was ok, the car wasn’t. Heck, the car got hit TWICE before the other driver realized she should put it into park :p Anyway to make a long story short, the damage was extensive enough (or the car repair place charged enough) to get the car totaled. Ouch.

Our trusted Mazda being towed away

The good thing is that we were already contemplating getting rid of a car, so the universe helped us out there.
The bad thing is that we had two cars, a 2002 one and a 2010 one and the 2010 one got totaled.
The good thing is that Tom is more comfortable in the 2002 car.
The bad thing is that we just got new winter tires and a rim on the 2010 Mazda.
The good thing is that it is cheaper to insure an old car.
The bad thing is that the 2010 car heated up much faster in the winter and had better a/c in the summer.
The good thing is that the deductible was waved, so we get a reasonably nice chunk of money, more than we would have gotten selling it.
The summary is: it is all good.

Olympic Tower in Montreal with some of our children

I am a bit nostalgic about it, since this is the first car I got all for myself after my divorce, my first ever car loan 🙂
The car drove us many places. I took the kids to Montreal a number of times and we had lots of fun. I took the kids to Washington DC, visiting friends on the way.
I drove my kids and their friends all over New England chasing geocache after geocache.
I took eleven kids to the Boston Zoo and had a blast.
We traveled to Washington DC and enjoyed our country’s history.
Tom and I took four teens to New York City and watched Les Miserables.
All the memories remain!

We had a blast!

Carpe Diem and let go of the car 🙂

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