About Me

I am a Dutch girl, living in the US, after accepting a job with IBM here many years ago. The plan was to live here for a few years and then get back to civilization. That was in 1994 and I clearly never managed to do that. The older I get, the more I realize that I treasure experiences and travel way more than I treasure possessions. I am slowly trying to declutter my home to a minimalist environment, and live a life to its fullest, close to nature, family and friends. I used to blog a lot about my family at Our Deer Baby and about my go obsession at Because It’s There! but life happened and I got addicted to discovered Facebook and I stopped blogging. Facebook is nice for pictures and keeping up with family and friends, but not as good for longer stories and observations, so here I am, back to blogging.

My first marriage didn’t work out husband wise, but it gave me many wonderful children. Spent a bunch of years as a single mother until I met the man of my dreams to whom I have been happily married for almost four years now. We have eight children and two grandchildren and a large extended family in America and Europe.

We love to travel, love visiting friends and family, love birding and photography and I will try to make money by writing and blogging, sharing my journey with you all. This blog is a work in progress and I am excited about starting it and being back to sharing my observations with the world. I got diagnosed with MS a few months ago and I am still getting used to the diagnosis, so that will be one of the subjects I write about.

The author hiking Mount Cardigan