Eating In: Mussels

Enjoying a nice Friday night while saving money.

We love going out to eat, but as you all know, it can add up. Part of our quest for financial independence is getting out of debt and saving money, and skipping some nights out seems a good way to do that.

Of course it is not always trivial to come up with meals, but one of our quick and easy goto’s is mussels. Friday afternoon we were shopping and I asked my husband, what shall we have for dinner tonight? We were just walking past the fish food counter in the supermarket ( I know how to properly time my questions 🙂 so we considered what fishy choices were on sale. It didn’t take long to agree on mussels, since it had been a while since we made them.

What I like about mussels is that there are so many ways to make them, and you can just use what you have or you can buy some curry paste (Thai Kitchen Green Curry Paste) as we did this time. We also picked up a can of coconut milk.

At home I started rice in the rice cooker so that I could ignore it, and Tom get everything ready to steam some broccoli. I perused the fridge and decided on onions, celery, garlic and carrots, but you can choose whatever you have on hand. Melted a good chunk of butter, sautéed the veggies for a while, then added half of the curry paste, some white wine and the coconut milk. Meanwhile we had washed the muscles and drained them. Added the mussels, brought everything to a boil, turned down the heat to medium and covered the mixture. When I opened it after ten minutes, all the mussels had opened and looked delectable. Steamed the broccoli and we were ready to eat.

Quick and easy meal and it tasted excellent. You can customize it to whatever you have on hand, beer instead of wine, bouillon instead of either, your choice of vegetables, endless possibilities. We enjoyed the satisfaction that we spent only a fraction of the money we would have spent in a restaurant.

Eet smakelijk! (‘Have a good meal’ in Dutch)

Eat well and save money.