Time to Back Up

I started this blog about a month ago. I feel like I am still in the starting phase, not happy yet with the way it looks, not enough content, but I do feel strongly about the need to back up the blog before I get too attached to it. Losing it now would be a pain, losing it when I am actually ‘live’ and actively making money would be more than a pain. As a computer science engineer I know the importance of backing up. So my sole goal today was getting my blog backed up.

It took longer than it should have. First I read about the best wordpress backup plugins and the pros and cons of each. I do not want to spend money yet, so I was looking for  a free solution. I decided that UpdraftPlus was the best solution for now. It is free for the basic version, later you can ask more features by paying. Next I needed a place to back up to. I know google drive and dropbox were two of the options. I didn’t really want to mix my blog backup with my normal google account, and found out that ourcarpediem at gmail already was taking. The best solution was claiming OurCarpeDiem0@gmail.com. Good enough for my purposes.

While I was at it, I made a dropbox account for this also, although now I am wondering why I even bothered since google drive should be sufficient. While I was waking up my old dropbox, I found old family pictures which distracted me from my backup goal, but was able to get back on track 🙂

Installed the plugin, and set the options to backup to google drive

BINGO! My very first site backup was done! Feeling a lot better now and will figure out the settings to do maybe a daily backup. I feel much safer now and can work on more content and a better organization.

The Joys of Bluehost Passwords

Another day of figuring out blogging, another day of trying out a new theme (Slightly). I managed to lock myself out of Bluehost three times now by forgetting that the passwords requires a special character and not being able to set back to any of the previous passwords. It might be time to start using a password manager, which has been on my to-do list for too long anyway.

Adventures in WordPress Land

A new day, a new blogging set up problem. Yes, I do have a bluehost account and I can get to WordPress and have a dashboard, but what theme to choose??? The first time I opened it I chose Astra because it, well, because it was the first in the list. Not a very perfect way to pick a theme I think, so the next day I looked around the internet and tried to figure out which themes were popular and practical. Genesis came up a lot, but that costs money and I don’t feel like I should spend that money on my blog just yet, so I prefer a free theme. There were many sites about ‘the best 42 free themes’ and such, but they mostly helped me to feel more and more overwhelmed, not to decide which one would be good for me. I felt myself sinking into a deep dark hole of analysis paralysis.

Luckily I had just signed up for the facebook group connected to the Making sense of Cents so I asked the wise member of that group about their experiences. Someone came up with Colorlib which looked nice enough so instead of being paralysed I am going to try one or more of their themes and take it from there.

Wish me luck!

Solved It!

Thanks to my brilliant husband 🙂

I had suspected the MOJO market place plugin which I already had deleted. But together with Tom, I found out that under the Settings – general settings in the WordPress dashboard, at the bottom there is an option to turn off the ‘Coming Soon’ page.

Welcome to my new website!

Frustrated with WordPress

Well, it all seemed so easy. “Everyone can do it”, they said. “It’s easy!”, they said. Turns out it was easy enough to get something going on my computer, but when I go to my domain it keeps saying “A New WordPress Site. Coming Soon.” and I can’t figure out how to get past that.

By the time you read this I must have figured it out, since otherwise you couldn’t read it. So, welcome to my blog!

Figuring out Blogging

This is mostly a test post, showing myself and anyone else what a post / blog on wordpress.org looks like when you just start and have no clue yet.
I have blogged on blogspot before, but stopped when I got more active on Facebook. Our Deer Baby at http://o-scientist.blogspot.com/ I miss my writing on there, facebook tends to be good for short posts with lots of pictures, but not as good for writing longer stories and observations.

I am ready to start writing an awesome blog about life, the universe and everything. As in family, friends, travel, travel hacking, birding, surfing (I am an optimist), geocaching, baking, and dealing with my recent MS diagnosis.

Bought a domain on Bluehost, now ready to figure out how to set up a blog here.