Earning Report I: January 2018

Before I started this blog, I did some reading on how to make money online and I stumbled upon Making Sense of Cents. She makes a lot of money with her financial blog, and she has great financial tips to help manage money and pay off debt. But what I really liked was that she posts a monthly income report, showing how much money she made from her different income sources. It is fascinating to see the high numbers she is making now, but also be able to see the low numbers she started out with.

I will share my numbers from the beginning, which are still low numbers, and hope that I will be able to post higher numbers as time goes by.

This month I only have two side income sources, my caregiver work, and some peanuts from Ibotta. I will add more over time.

I worked 17.5 hours as a caregiver, at $20 / hour, so I earned $350. This is before taxes.

‘Free’ money!

I made $25.25 on ibotta. If you use this link to share, you will get $10 after you redeem your first $10 of coupons/offers.  And I will get $5 for successfully referring you. Not a lot of money, but it is fun to see whether I can make this grow.

I am not going to count this as income, but I want to mention that we exchanged credit card rewards points for $300 worth of Amazon gift cards.

And technically, I found one penny, but I don’t think I will count that either 🙂 Thank you, Iliana!

Grand total this month is $375, most of it from my caregiver work. Which is a nice side hustle, not taking too many hours, but very rewarding.