First Travel with MS

Technically I have been traveling with MS for many years, just had no clue I had it. Yesterday was the first time I had to manage travel in my new MS reality.

Insulated kit to carry copaxone medication

I had contacted Shared Solutions for a travel kit for my Copaxone, so I felt confident about that. But I hit a snatch when I found out my hiking poles didn’t fit in my suitcase. Oops. Desperate web surfing disclosed that I might be able to get them through TSA if they were needed for mobility aides. I decided to go for that, but still was worried.

We started out trying to get an Uber or a cab from our home, and found out yet again that we live in the sticks. Eventually we did find an Uber, but then found out that he couldn’t make it up our icy driveway. Twice. Which means we had to slide and slither down our driveway. Not fun .

We arrived at the airport and I held my breath while going through the TSA checkpoint. I took my Copaxone kit out and said this is medication. The TSA guy asked whether it had any needles. Yup. He opened it, looked at it, closed it again and that was it. The other two TSA checkpoints this trip so far no one opened anything, they just accepted my medication explanation.

The hiking poles were no problem at all, they had to go through x-ray but no one gave me a hard time about them. Phew.

Carpe Diem, even with meds!

Today I gave myself a copaxone injection in Los Angeles in our hotel. Maybe I should keep track of all the locations where I used my Copaxone, just to show that MS does not need to limit travel opportunities 🙂

The flights to Hawai’i were long, more than six hours yesterday, more than six hours today. But we finally are in our hotel, and I am happy that we arrived and will be ready to explore tomorrow. My goal this vacation is learning to surf, since I have so many balance issues. I will either succeed and help my balance or fail gloriously and have great stories to tell.

When we arrived at Honolulu airport and I was all tired and cranky and we had to hike 5,000 miles to the Uber pickup spot, I saw a majestic egret fly over. Welcoming us to her island with her aloha. Telling me ‘you are ok’ . And I felt calm and reassured .

Later we saw sparrows, rock pigeons and birds I still have to identify. Looking forward to getting to know the local bird species. But first I will sleep. I can already tell that I will feel the five hours time difference.

My Year Without Shopping

Over the years I have gotten more and more overwhelmed with how much stuff I own, and have been working on decluttering and such, but I definitely am not anywhere close to where I want to be. When I read My Year of No Shopping in the New York Times I decided that yes, that is what I needed in 2018.

Nope, I am not shopping.

When you read the article, you can see that she mostly talks about clothes, handbags and makeup, not about essentials like food. Still it resonated with me, and I decided that I loved her idea and would start it this year with my own arbitrary rules. Since it is not as much a rulebook, but a philosophy.

It fits in my philosophy of ‘Less Things, More People, More Travel!’ Two examples of today: I returned an LL Bean sweater which had issues ( I love their return policy ) and instead of replacing it with the same or a different sweater, I took the money and applied it towards debt. Then we went to a jewelry store which had a wicked sale and I saw many items that I drooled over for a moment until catching myself. ‘Yes, I can save $600, but I don’t need or even want to spend $300.’ It felt good.

I still shop for groceries and home goods, but it is nice not to be swayed by a good sale. I know I too often have fallen for the ‘Wow, this is such a steal’ reasoning instead of the ‘Nope, don’t need it, I don’t care if I want it.’ Instead I envision the Trevi Fountain in Rome and how we threw in coins so we would return. I’d much rather spend my money that way!

Next step is going through my stuff at home and getting rid of more and more of them.