Blue Moon

Yesterday we marveled at the size of the super moon which also happened to be a blue moon. We dropped off a kid somewhere and on the way back stopped to take a picture, since we all know that reality doesn’t happen unless you record it 🙂

Blue Moon Behind Church


It was beautiful, but it also was cold. We were freezing, so we didn’t stay long before heading back to our warm home. We knew there would be a lunar eclipse this morning and I actually went outside to try to watch it, but it was cold, the moon was behind the trees, it wasn’t much of an eclipse at the East coast and did I mention it was cold? So we didn’t witness the eclipse, oh well.

It did make me all nostalgic for past full moons. The one when I had my third date with Tom and I brought my mother and four kids to the Dartmouth bonfire (it’s a long story and it ended with a marriage nine months later, so it is all good). The one when we visited Italy for the first time together and it was a brilliant full moon behind the leaning tower of Pisa.

Full moon behind the leaning tower of Pisa

Another great one was in Rome last year, when I wasn’t diagnosed with my MS yet, but I surely was suffering the related fatigue and heat intolerance. Just before we left on this vacation I had gotten the bad news that there was lots of demyelination in my brain, and I was worried about it. On the other hand I was on vacation and enjoying every moment and telling myself that whatever I had was slow moving and hadn’t killed me yet, so I should just take a deep breath and keep going. Carpe diem. Meanwhile I was exhausted after walking a relatively short distance and I needed to sit, so we had a bite to eat and a glass of wine right next to the Pantheon.

Every single time we are in Rome I am blown away by the sheer amount of history everywhere. I felt very happy to be sitting right next to this building that had been there for thousands of years, and over which I could see the full moon. Where so many thousands of people had gone before me and seen the same view. It made me more at peace with the uncertainty of my medical issues.

Full moon over the Pantheon

When I changed my name after my divorce, I decided to add a middle name and chose Artemis, the moon goddess, to signify how important the moon has been to me many times in my life.