Make Extra Money

This page is about how to make some extra money. All the links are to sites I have used and enjoyed. It is a work in progress, but figured might as well share some of my ideas from the beginning.

For now the money amounts are small, but they are purely extra money for us, so we enjoy whatever we want to do with it, being paying off debt, or adding it to our travel budget.

  1. Work as a respite care provider or as my company calls it a personal care provider. I have done this on the side for many years, making $15 to $20 an hour. I haven’t spent a lot of hours doing it, for a variety of reasons, but even with limited hours it still is nice extra income for us. I have met many wonderful people in this line of work, and it is a job that is very rewarding  because it is all about helping people.
  2. Ibotta. Life Rewarded. The best way to describe this is an electronic couponing site. They give you some money for things you are buying. They also will pay for referrals, I suspect that referrals might make more money than you get by just using them for coupons. I will update when I have more experience with them.
  3. Teach English to elementary school kids online. VIPKID is a China based company which connects children with teachers. You need to have a bachelor’s degree or higher (in any field) and at least a year experience working with kids. Their hours are very flexible, people make about $15 to $20 an hour and I have read many good reviews about working there. Click here if you are interested.

Disclaimer: clicking on any of the links in this page might give me a monetary compensation, it will not be at any cost to you.